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Huawei predicts that 5G coverage will reach 58% by the year 2025

Today, Chinese tech giant Huawei released a report on Global Industry Vision which describes the top ten trends of robotics, zero searches, symbiotic economy, human-machine collaboration, and 5G.

It forecasts that the global AR/VR subscribers will reach 337 million in 2025, and companies using VR/AR technology will grow to 10 percent. It also claims that by the year 2025, the global 5G network coverage will reach 58 percent.

At that time, the convergence of 5G, 4K+, VR, AR, and AI technologies will not only bring people a new experience, it will also allow people to view things in an unprecedented way and improve the productivity of vertical industries, claims the report.

The report mentions that by the year 2025, the number of Internet users worldwide will reach 6.2 billion, so it will generate massive amounts of data to help companies provide personalized products and services based on people’s interests/likes and personalities.

The company also talks about the concept of “Zero Search”. As data-driven and sensor-equipped appliances and devices begin anticipating needs, the information will find us. Future searches will be button-free, personal social networks will be created effortlessly, and industry will benefit from “zero-search maintenance”.

As for the robotics applications, the company expects robots to play an integral role in multiple positions in the workplace, especially in high-risk, high-repetition, and high-precision work scenarios. It adds that industrial robots will work with manufacturing personnel by 2025 and will have 103 robots per 10,000 employees. GIV also predicts a 14 percent global penetration rate of home robots.

It also adds that by the year 2025, around 97 percent of large companies will adopt artificial intelligence technology. Additionally, Huawei is expecting that by 2025, the number of global smartphones will reach 6.1 billion.

The report also talks about intelligent transport systems that will connect people, vehicles, and infrastructure, creating zero congestion, rapid emergency response, and other functions to make life smoother. It predicts that 15 percent of vehicles will have Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology.


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